Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium

20th September 2018 Dubai

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Healthcare will be the part of most aggressive industries worldwide implementing / driving blockchain technology. Blockchain is the future business model of supply chain and can be applied to the entire healthcare value chain. Blockchain technology will streamline and transform everything from medical records and payments to processing and analytics benefitting virtually all its stakeholders from patients and customers to providers, administrators, and institutions.


This symposium will give you a head start on the blockchain technology with some latest information on why is Dubai so excited about it ?


Specialist Speakers




Solution Providers


Networking Sessions

Health Data Exchange

Smooth Health Data Exchange and Interoperability


Everything that has the ability to connect and communicate

Artificial Intelligence

The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines.


Blockchain in transforming healthcare


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Who Should Attend

  • Healthcare Provider
  • Insurance
  • Government Officials
  • Investors
  • Healthcare Innovators
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution
  • IT/ICT
  • Life science companies
  • Investment banks
  • Genomics/personalized medicine related companies
  • Digital health companies
  • Venture capitalists
  • Telemedicine companies
  • ICO

Why should you attend?

  • Understand Blockchain technology and its potential in healthcare
  • Harness the potential influence of blockchain on Data and Identify verification
  • Assess where to from here by anticipating trends and capturing future opportunity
  • To understand the network with Blockchain innovation and strategists
  • The greatest opportunity to healthcare industry in securing the data
  • A new potential way to improve the intelligence in healthcare system
  • The blockchain transformation and collaboration to modernize the healthcare realm
  • A platform to improve the quality of business development